As your application’s workload and data get ready for migration to the cloud, it is very important to understand which cloud vendor to choose based on your requirement. This extensive analysis can consume a lot of time and resources.

With our expertise in this space, ClevrOne ensures a smooth transition of all your applications, placing your security at the foremost level. Whatever happens, we’ve got you covered.

That leaves you and your team free to concentrate on your business. Our cloud solutions ensure seamless integration of your physical infrastructure with cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud.

Cloud security is the whole bundle of technology, protocols, and best practices that protect cloud computing environments, applications running in the cloud, and data held in the cloud. Securing cloud services begins with understanding what exactly is being secured, as well as, the system aspects that must be managed.

The full scope of cloud security is designed to protect the following, regardless of your responsibilities:

  • Physical networks — routers, electrical power, cabling, climate controls, etc.
  • Data storage — hard drives, etc.
  • Computer virtualization frameworks — virtual machine software, host machines, and guest machines
  • Operating systems (OS) — software that houses.
  • Middleware — application programming interface (API) management.
  • Runtime environments — execution and upkeep of a running program.
  • Data — all the information stored, modified, and accessed.
  • Applications — traditional software services (email, tax software, productivity suites, etc.)
  • End-user hardware — computers, mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, etc.
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While most enterprises are using the cloud, many still rely heavily on traditional IT, simply using cloud services tactically, such as in development and testing. The pace of cloud adoption is often constrained by not having a clear business case, not defining a comprehensive organizational transformation plan, or a failure to identify the risks accurately.

Enterprises need to develop comprehensive strategies for making the transition to a cloud-first way of working, where the cloud is the preferred and prioritized IT model in order to:

  • Be more agile and flexible
  • Improve business and IT performance
  • Disrupt business models
  • Adapt to a rapidly-changing digital world
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Business ready Clouds platform such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, have enabled organizations across the globe to reap the benefits of migrating their business- critical applications and services to Cloud. Today, many organizations believe that the effort required for such large-scale migrations are critical in the long run, as the benefits thus derived go far beyond mere cost benefits.

ClevrOne specializes in migrating Enterprise workloads to Azure and AWS. Our accelerators from the Cloud Centre of Excellence, coupled with the resilient AWS and Azure infrastructure, empowers ClevrOne with unique skillsets to drive transformative programs that bring about:

  • Business agility
  • Lower TCO
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Seamless scaling on demand
  • Enhanced speed
  • Improved security and governance
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Our vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services offer a comprehensive vulnerability analysis of your technology stack.

  • IP/Network Pentesting: Our experience of Pentesting 100+ IPs externally and internally helps organization to make their Application safe.
  • Web Application Pentesting: We have expertise in detecting code-based vulnerabilities and Network based vulnerabilities to make Web application safe from Cyber Attacks.
  • Mobile Application Pentesting: Our Static and Dynamic App Analysis approach helps in detecting vulnerabilities form Mobile Apps and make them Secure.
  • Cloud Pentesting: Most of the Web Applications are moving towards Cloud technology and we ensure to provide safety of “data at rest” and “data at transits” in virtual cloud environment.
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ClevrOne is founded by an immensely experienced team of cloud and cyber security professionals. An insightful individuals have seen all kinds of infrastructure and application security problems first-hand during their respective illustrious careers with the most prestigious finance, healthcare, government, and telecom companies.

Our Goal

Our goal is to support and deliver cloud-based solutions without letting your business slow down and affecting your position amongst competition. With the adoption of cloud-based solutions, we will help businesses strengthen their core applications with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Cloud Chatbot, and Blockchain technology framework.

Our Values

Our success doesn’t come just from the quality of work that we do. It comes from treating our clients with the utmost transparency and consideration. We observe diligently, we advise honestly, and we make sure our clients are in the complete know-what and know-why.

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To know how cloud security can benefit you, you first need to understand the issues related to having less visibility, lack of expert professionals, or having no cloud infrastructure to safeguard your company’s assets.

Issue Solution
  • Commonly happen due to manual errors during key settings of portals and other cloud components
  • Are often overlooked and thus leave the system vulnerable to threats
  • Usually take a long time to get corrected
  • Anyone can use them to access enterprise systems and data
  • Leave systems vulnerable to supply chain attacks
  • Restricting access to offer the minimal user privileges
  • Continuously audit for misconfiguration and compliance
  • Employing the right security solution like ClevrOne that offers automated remediation among others
  • Practicing good "API hygiene” for enhanced security
  • APIs should be designed with authentication, access control, encryption, and activity monitoring
  • Issue Solution
  • Employees reluctant to accept operational changes
  • People get intimidated by new technology
  • Get the leadership of the company to buy-in and understand the needs of their business
  • Choose a tech provider like ClevrOne that focuses on educating clients, promotes usability, and prioritizes seamless integration to cloud
  • Issue Solution
    Issue Solution
  • Application and network performance issues
  • Delays with resolving the issues
  • May also mask cyber security threats
  • Implement cloud-agnostic platforms to efficiently scale your use of cloud services
  • Maintain strong compliance and security controls
  • Monitor cloud audit logs for unapproved usage
  • Issue Solution
  • Loss of critical and confidential data
  • Extremely difficult to recover from hijacking attacks
  • The organization’s data as well as goodwill gets compromised
  • Be proactive in selecting a cloud service provider that is transparent and capable
  • Restrict IP addresses for cloud applications
  • Back up your data securely & Insist on multi-factor authentication
  • Issue Solution
  • Overlooking of critical cloud security issues
  • Loss in revenue and disruptions in business operations
  • Weak security framework often becomes vulnerable to attacks
  • Outsource to a professional cloud security company like ClevrOne that is empowered with the best knowledge especially in the cloud security domain
  • Encourage regular training sessions for your in-house security professionals
  • Updating the security framework periodically
  • Issue Solution
  • Often overlooked and difficult to identify
  • Invisible to traditional security solutions like firewalls and intrusion detection systems
  • Protecting critical assets, Enforcing rock-solid governance policies & Using resources to track employee activitie
  • ClevrOne’s data security solution protects all your data whether it is on premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments. ClevrOne also provides full visibility to security and IT teams into how the data is being accessed, used, and navigated in the organization
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    Our solution and technology partners that help bring innovative solutions to your business

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